Open BST10.00-18.00/BWT10:00-16:00

Closed 24-25 December, Jan 1st 12-16:00




Please ask deck hand person which boat desired to be used on arrival.



Full Hire Terms & Conditions of Lakeside Boats

  1. This booking gives you an open ticket - we cannot guarantee a specific date or time slot.

  2. We use our discretion to prioritise your safety and reserve the right to close the boating for all or part of a day when there are adverse weather conditions.

  3. You can check the weather forecast on the Met Office website (postcode N22 7AY) in advance, however please note that if the weather changes by the time you arrive, we cannot guarantee that the boats will be operational.

  4. If you don’t use your ticket, we are happy to refund in full.

  5. The minimum age to hire any boat is 18 years of age (Proof of age will be asked). An adult (18+) must sign a ticket to allow minors onto the boats & are responsible for their supervision at all times.

  6. Non swimmers & weak swimmers MUST wear buoyancy aids. Bouyancy aids must be worn by all young children aged under 12 & are advised to all hirers.

  7. Babies under 12 months are not permitted.

  8. Pets are not permitted.

  9. Children aged under 8 must be accompanied by someone aged 16 or older. An adult (18+) must sign a ticket to allow minors onto the boats & are responsible for their supervision at all times.

  10. Customers must not embark or disembark on any boat without a member of staff to assist them. Staff members can be identified by their Lakeside written uniform.

  11. All boats leave the deck in anti-clockwise direction.

  12. Customers are not permitted to disembark onto the island or the banks, and must keep out of the fishing areas and the edges of the lake.

  13. Remain in your boat, keep your hands-fingers and legs inside the boat at all times. Do not get out of your boat anywhere except at the jetty.

  14. No one is allowed to embark on the boat without a valid ticket. Do not collect or drop off persons at the sides of the lake.

  15. Please do not disturb or harass the wildlife nor drop any litter in the lake.

  16. Operate your boat with consideration for other boat users, swimming, bumping the other boats and splashing are not permitted.

  17. Smoking or drinking alcohol are not permitted whilst on the boats.

  18. Hirers must notify us immediately of any damage or loss of equipment. Boat must not be left unattended.

  19. Hirers are responsible for the safe & reasonable use of the boat. Only the max no of passengers stated on the boat are permitted

  20. People are advised not to stand up in the boat

  21. The use of bad language or anti-social behavior is not permitted.

  22. During the hire of boat any personal belongings left here are left entirely at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for any loss.

  23. All customer transactions are recorded on CCTV for security purposes.